form the habits to develop strategic long-lasting professional success.

mobile based

We are on the go and must maximize the small amounts of time in a day. Understanding that your time is valuable, Considerit was built for the mobile experience with intuitive design to accelerate your growth. Wave goodbye to clunky mobile professional applications!

Human centric

We have trainers for our fitness, coaches for our lives, and advisors for finances. Why do we have them? Because they keep us accountable and on track. Considerit is your partner to hold you accountable and keep you on track to build and nurture your professional network.

notifications your way

No one likes mobile app notifications. Especially, when the notifications come at the most inconvenient times and throw you off of your routine or derail your task. We understand and flip that concept on its head. You tell us WHEN and HOW you would like to be notified to ensure you stay productive.

stay relevant

Stay relevant with each person in your professional network by leveraging our unique service that provides you with suggested curated content and coaching tips. We provide you with a way to always have something to talk about.


"This is the tool that I have been waiting for! Finally a simple and easy way to help reinforce the best practices and techniques that so many successful people in my industry use."
Hilary Leigh
"I grew tired of the LinkedIn experience and found a simple and easy way to engage with the people that I need to be connected to."
Hall Read
"I accumulated so many LinkedIn connections, that I wasn't sure what the point was until I needed to raise money for my startup. Using Considerit, I was able to build meaningful relationships that led to me getting funded."
Quintin Angus
"I was never taught how to professionally network. I thought it was just shaking hands and exchanging cards. Considerit helps me navigate the best way to build and nurture my network of professionals."
Jillie Tempest

Frequently asked questions

Considerit is an educational platform that was built around the best practices from the most successful professionals to help you accelerate your career. Considerit focuses on helping you navigate one of the most ambiguous and under taught skills to professionals: professional networking.

LinkedIn is a great tool for visualizing all of your professional contacts, however, LinkedIn doesn’t do a great job in activating your connections to help you in your career. Considerit is the solution that allows you to build and nurture your relationships so that you can call upon ANYONE in your LinkedIn network at any time without making it transactionnal.

Yes! The great news about Considerit is that there is no network needed in order for you to take advantage of the Considerit platform. Our platform focuses on you and your success.   

Considerit was an evolution from a simple idea on how do we keep in touch with the important people we have in our lives to a platform that helps us build the habits required to be successful in our careers.

No! This is a platform that teaches you the habits necessary to be successful in your career. We have created an immersive experience that takes the best practices from successful professionals and coaches you on how to grow and nurture your professional network to grow!

Considerit is helping professionals build the successful habits needed for your career. Contact Us

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